How to Make Your Vag Tighter Naturally : How the V-Tight Gel can make a Difference

Lots of people think that only men have issues with their sexual organs. The fact that there are tons of products meant to help remedy erectile dysfunction and increase penis size, men have the widest range of options when it comes to dealing with their woes. What some folks don’t know that some women also battle with having a loose vagina.

While men are pressured to be bigger and bulkier, women are expected to be tighter. These promise better sexual experience with the closer contact it offers. And the closer the contact is, the better stimulated you’ll be, promising more pleasurable romp sessions with your partner.

how to make your vag tighter

The Curious Case of the Loose Vagina

A quick search online will have experts tell you that there’s no need to aim for vaginal tightening. As the female reproductive organ has a group of muscles that contract and expand accordingly to accommodate things inserted into it, it doesn’t necessarily get worn out. Known as the pelvic floor muscles, it makes the vagina elastic, so you can expect it to return to its normal shape after getting penetrated.

While this is mostly true, these muscles can also weaken. A woman would notice this and be able to tell how their body feels. If it feels loosey goosey down there, then, it probably is.

A lady will actually feel the difference. As there are tons of nerves in the female genitalia, it’s easy to tell whether there’s something different down there. Especially if a female only has one long-term partner, it will be easy to tell if the penetration feels different from their earlier days to the most recent one. This alone can already tell a woman if her vagina already needs some tightening.

Sure, some people can also argue that all of these can be just because their muscles have already relaxed so they’re not as grippy anymore. This can actually be the very reason why some vaginas feel slack. While it’s not exactly worn out, it’s also not in its top shape. If the muscles in your vagina have once been easy to control, then you can also aim to bring it back to its original state.

The Tell Tale Signs of a Loose Vagina

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Worried that your vaginal canal has become loose? If you’re not sure whether you should be alarmed and take ample steps in how to tighten vag lips, here are a few signs you should alert you about the situation down there:

Reduced Sexual Pleasure

As mentioned above, the closer the contact between the reproductive organs, the more stimulation it can create. With a loose vagina and a regular-sized penis, this can be a problem. The contact you need may not be enough to keep things hot and heavy.

Unfortunately, this can affect both parties in similar ways. If you don’t get stimulated, your partner most likely doesn’t too. This can seriously damage a sexual relationship as each partner has a need to experience pleasure from the activity.

As sexual satisfaction plays a crucial part in any relationship, striving to give your best to your partner the best experience is something lots of women aim for. By not being able to satisfy your partner because of the looseness down there, your dynamics can totally shift. It can either be resolved by working together as a couple and finding other ways to spice things up in the bedroom or resolving the issue by learning how to tighten the vag.

Stress Incontinence

The biggest tell tale sign that you’ve lost a good amount of muscle control in your genitalia is if you experience stress incontinence. This is a condition where the very muscles that control the release of urine are weakened. If you can’t control these muscles and keep it tight unless you’ve consciously loosened it up, then it means that your vagina has become loose.

Having this condition means you experience pee leaking when doing some activities that stress the bladder. If you tend to pee a little without you expecting it or even consciously doing it when you lift something heavy, laugh, or even sneeze, then there’s a high chance that you’re suffering from stress incontinence.

This condition is quite common with age. Menopause and low estrogen levels are largely to blame, but aging in itself can also cause the pelvic floor muscles to weaken. This means that you might not be fully in control of it and is pretty synonymous to the vagina loosening. Injury and childbirth can also cause this issue.

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Insensitivity to Smaller Objects

Can’t feel your tampon when you insert it? Having a hard time getting stimulated by the small toys you used to insert inside to ramp up the heat in your bedroom? Then there’s a high likelihood that your vagina has stretched.

According to some studies, the average vaginal canal measures around 2.1 cm to 3.5 cm. The ones with the smallest measurements report experiencing some pain during vaginal intercourse or inserting tampons. They might have small vaginas, so lots of experts assume that this is the lower threshold and shouldn’t be aimed for.

With such measurements, it can be expected that the vagina will easily feel small objects inserted into it. Insensitivity to such items can indicate a loosening of the vaginal canal.

The Causes of a Loose Vagina

You might be wondering, though, what could have caused loose vagina lips? Well, there are actually a few things that can be the very cause of these woes. Some of the most vital ones are the following:

Vaginal Childbirth

Imagine pushing out a child that weighs 6 to 11 lbs out of your lady parts. If that doesn’t stretch yours out significantly, then there’s no way out for the baby without having to make another opening out of you. This is how vaginal births can actually be to blame for vaginas needing some tightening as it will really loosen you up in ways you’ve never imagined before.

Luckily, young mothers can still find their vaginas getting back to their original states after childbirth. However, multiple births, especially those that aren’t particularly spaced out, can still cause some loosening, even in young women.

Ladies in their thirties can also experience their vaginal muscles having a hard time contracting. Age is also a common culprit to weakened muscles, so childbirth can take a toll on your lady parts at this age.


According to experts, menopause is another common cause of a loose vagina. Aging, for one, can already cause a woman’s pelvic floor muscles to slacken up. This means that the vaginal muscles can lose its grip, making it roomier and offer less traction. And as menopause come around the time when a woman is about to enter their senior years, age can definitely be a huge contributing factor to menopause’s effects on the vagina’s tightness.

Aside from age, lower estrogen levels are also major causes of weakened vaginal muscles. The female hormone, estrogen, helps keep these things nice and tight, so with fewer of them in your system, things can really go haywire in the female body.

What doesn’t cause a loose vagina? Too much sex. Yes, there’s no such thing as a penis wearing the lady parts out. If you want to learn how to make your vag tighter because you believe that having several partners or large members could have taken a toll on your body, you might want to reconsider. As there is no scientific evidence linking a cavernous vagina with a sizeable male genitalia, you shouldn’t worry about enjoying your romps with one.

Again, the vagina is quite elastic, so even if you did it several times with a huge dude, you don’t have to worry moving on to the next guy. Your lady parts won’t get damaged from doing so. However, if you think that your muscles down there weakened because of all the action it received from your well-hung guy, then, there’s also nothing wrong with looking for ways to tighten things up.

Should You Worry about a Loose Vagina?

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In all honesty, there’s nothing wrong about having a loose vagina. As lots of people say, size doesn’t matter, the performance does. However, it still depends on a person if they care about such a condition or not. If you think it can affect you in any way, then by all means, you should look for ways to remedy loose vagina lips.

While some people can live without a tight vagina, others are forced to endure hardships because theirs aren’t grippy as they once were. Problems in the bedroom can really start with a loose vagina. If you and your partner aren’t satisfied, you might find yourself facing a major relationship woe. It’s not a stretch that an issue like this can trigger a series of other issues ranging from disdain to all out cheating. So to avoid things from getting worse, finding a solution early on can come in handy.

A loose vagina can also take an emotional toll on a woman. With the female population still being raised to believe that their value is measured by their fertility, it’s hard to shake off the idea that it’s important for a woman to stay in shape to stay valuable. Even if you have a loving partner who’s willing to take alternative measures to keep the fire alive in the bedroom, a woman can still feel inadequate without a tight vagina.

Different Techniques How to Tighten Vag

Don’t lose hope if you think you might benefit from having a tighter vaginal canal because there are ways to get it done. Thanks to modern technology, more and more ways are being proven to be effective when it comes to this female woe. You can actually give different methods a try or even combine most of them to boost their effects.

How? Here are some of the techniques that you can try out:

Vaginal Surgery

Also known as vaginal rejuvenation, vaginoplasty, and labiaplasty, you can definitely get a surgeon involved in your slacking business down there. These procedures are all designed to tighten up the vagina. Usually marketed towards women who have given birth through normal deliveries, they promise to restore the vagina to its original condition.

The thing, however, with vaginal surgeries is their price. They cost thousands of dollars just to tighten your vagina. While they seem to be the best way to achieve the results you want, the price in itself can be very prohibitive.

Aside from the price tag, these surgeries also do not always guarantee to achieve the results you want. As not all surgeries go as planned, there’s a risk that comes with going under the knife. There are so many things that can go wrong on such a sensitive procedure that you have to seriously consider if it’s worth it. It can damage your nerves and affect your sensitivity down there. So unless you have great faith in your surgeon and you have the budget for it, then you might want to consider alternative options for vaginal tightening.

Vaginal Exercises

If you want a free and highly effective way to get your pelvic floor muscles to tighten up, lots of experts recommend exercising. This might make a lot of women groan, but as exercise is still the best way to tone your muscles and get your body in top shape, this technique really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Science has proven over and over again that exercise works, so why not give it a shot?

Worried about the hard work exercise comes with? Fret not. The exercises that are meant to tighten the vaginal muscles are actually not that complicated. Here are three examples that you can actually do right now:


Kegel is the name associated with the series of routines used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This muscle group supports the bladder, rectum, uterus, and small intestine. They can also tone up your pubococcygeus muscle which is the main muscle in your pubic area and the very muscles that contract when you climax. All of these make such exercises extremely helpful in tightening your vaginal muscles. They’re often recommended by specialists to pregnant women to avoid incontinence.

To do this exercise, here are the steps:

1. Locate the muscles that you feel are getting slack. If you have great muscle control down there, you’ll know how to find which ones are for the vaginal canal. It’s definitely not the one you contract when you pee, but if you also experience incontinence, you might also benefit largely in improving your control to those muscles.

2. Once you’ve located the muscles you want to tighten up, here are a few techniques that you can try to really tone up the muscles down there:

  • Hold it tightly for as long as you can then release completely. Repeat this ten times and increase the number of repetitions over time to keep your muscles challenged.
  • Contract and release the muscles in quick bursts. Do as much and as fast as you can without any breaks to really work the muscles up.
  • While in a horizontal position, squeeze the muscle while lifting your pelvis up. Hold the position for as long as you can.
  • Combined with various core and floor exercises. If you like doing some core, stretching, and yoga routines that involve the pelvic area, adding some squeezing can add some challenge and efficiency to your workouts.
Using Tools

Aside from manual squeezing routines, using tools like Ben-Wa Balls and other props can also help tighten vaginal muscles effectively. The idea is similar to the Kegel exercises except you will have to insert the prop halfway into the vagina to clamp down on it.

These items will give you something to measure your progress with, so you can actually know that your efforts are paying off. Experts recommend starting out with a large-sized tool then work your way to smaller and heavier ones.

While this technique is guaranteed to be relatively safe and effective, it also takes time. Some folks are just not ready for that, though.

Vaginal Tightening Creams

For a quick and effective way to tighten the vagina, you can also always turn to vaginal tightening creams. These products are designed to improve the elasticity of your vaginal muscles. The best part is that they’re very easy to use. All you have to do is apply them on your genitals and you’re good to go. Some even say that, with some products, you can feel the effects almost instantly so you might be ready to take it for a test drive right away.

Vaginal Tightening and the V-Tight Gel

If the tightening cream’s promise of instant results tickled your fancy, then you might be wondering which product should you get. You don’t really have to look further as the V-Tight Gel is here to answer the question, “how to tighten my vigina fast?”.

Proven to be safe and effective, the V-Tight Gel is one of the best-selling vaginal tightening creams in the market today. And why should it not be? With its all-natural ingredients that are guaranteed to work and won’t harm your health, it’s definitely one of the most promising products there is for such a specific purpose.

This product works because of its use of the extracts of the famed Manjakani galls. This ingredient is deemed as one of the most powerful astringent herbs there is with a wide range of other benefits that make it the perfect component for vaginal tightening.

Used for centuries in Europe and Asia as a booster for the immune system thanks to its high contents of Vitamins A and C as well as tannins and gallic acid, this Manjakani is definitely one useful tool for healing and stimulation. It has been widely used to tighten the skin in the early days, so why shouldn’t it work as a tightener for the vagina, right? It’s actually proven to help tone, strengthen, and improve the vaginal muscles’ elasticity. It also promises to heal vaginal tissues and prevent vaginal atrophy so it can definitely remedy a loose vagina no matter what has caused the condition in the first place.

Aside from its effective restoring properties, the Manjakani extract also has other benefits for a woman’s reproductive organ. It can also restore its vitality, reduce excessive vaginal discharge, and restore the vigor of the genitals. All of which can help improve its performance, promising more enjoyable sex.

The V-Tight Gel won’t just restore your vagina to its original shape but it will also help restore your confidence once again. If you’ve been brought down by your loose V, the use of this product will help you rise up and feel better about your body once again. And this might just be the best promise this product has to offer.

Does It Work?

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 It’s natural to feel a bit skeptical about a product that not a lot of people talk about. But it needs to be noted that women’s vaginas aren’t exactly the most popular points of discussions in most places. So, even if the V-Tight Gel isn’t exactly the content of everyone’s social media posts, you can still be sure that it actually works.

How? There are actually tons of testimonials about the effectiveness of this product. Lots of women who have been desperate about tightening their Vs were pleased enough to share their tales to those who are still struggling. While the topic may still feel like a very sensitive one, these women know how big an ordeal having loose vaginas can be. By sharing their experience and telling others about the great results they’ve achieved with the V-Tight Gel, they’re able to help those who need it.

So, does it work? Yes, it’s tested and proven to be highly effective. It also works well enough for the successful users to open up and help others by attesting to the product’s claims. If those don’t convince you that the V-Tight Gel might just be the answer to your woes, then nothing really will.

Tighter Vs for the Empowered Modern Woman

Loose vaginas may seem like something you should be ashamed of, but in reality, it’s a proof of your womanhood. It means you’ve done your part and you’ve done it well. While this condition can be problematic, the V-Tight Gel will be able to give you a quick remedy. Grab one of these products and you won’t ever have to be worried about getting back in the game ever again.

how to tighten my vigina fast