3 Essential Vaginal Exercises to Tighten Your Vagina

Your vagina can be compared to an accordion. It has the ability to be stretched in and out several times in order to play good music. Even after being played many times, it does not break down and instead, it falls back easily to its original shape. That is because your vagina is an elastic organ. However, there are instances which may cause your vagina to lose its elasticity and shape. When that happens, you need to do some Vaginal Exercises to tighten your vagina to get back in top shape.

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There are many myths and beliefs surrounding why women lose the tightness in their vagina, but one of the main reasons for vaginal loosening is childbirth. If you have already given birth, then you may have noticed or felt a little loose down there. Although you may feel a little unfortunate, feeling loose is perfectly normal, especially if you have given birth multiple times.

Another cause of vaginal loosening is aging, especially when you have reached the menopausal stage. That is because as you grow older, your body produces lesser estrogen, which is the hormone responsible in maintaining your sexual organs. Estrogen not only helps in tightening your vaginal muscles, it also helps in firming up your breasts and increasing your metabolism. Without it, your body will find it difficult to maintain the tightness in your vagina.

The Importance of Vaginal Exercises

While vaginal loosening does not have any harmful effect on your body, it can have a lot of negative impacts on your life, especially in your relationship or marriage. It may affect your performance in bed and the satisfaction of your partner, making you lose your confidence in your sexuality. That is not acceptable, so you need to act and do something about your bodily issues.

Fortunately, there are many options for you to choose from. You can opt for a reconstructive or tightening surgery, also known as vaginoplasty, to bring back the tightness in your vaginal muscles. However, this is very costly as you need to undergo a medical procedure just to achieve what you want. There is also the risk of losing feelings or sensation in your vagina, which unfortunately happened to some women who went under the knife.

You can also use tightening gels or creams to bring back the tightness in your lady parts. These products have been gaining popularity because of their affordability and convenience. They are also considered to be generally safe because they are often made from all natural, plant based ingredients. But, while they are said to be effective on their own, you can even speed up the process by combining it with vagina exercises to achieve a tighter vagina in no time.

What are the Top 3 Vagina Tightening Exercises?

The most natural way of tightening your vagina is by performing exercises that will have a positive effect on your vaginal walls. These exercises will help you bring back your shape and form, especially when done properly and consistently. What’s best about these exercises is that they are free and can be done at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

  1. Kegel Exercises

Kegel is probably one of the most popular type of exercise for vaginal tightening as it is said to be an effective routine targeting your Kegel muscle. Aside from its effectiveness, it is preferred and recommended by many because of its convenience. In fact, you can perform Kegel exercises without people knowing about it.

Kegel ExercisesThe best Kegel exercises target the muscles supporting your pelvic floor, which forms the base of your vagina. So when you perform these exercises, you strengthen your pelvic muscles as well as the other muscles found on the pelvic floor. Aside from helping in tightening up your loose vagina, Kegel exercises also help in preventing conditions like incontinence. This happens when the muscles supporting your urethra start to weaken.

To perform Kegel exercises correctly, you need to locate the muscles that you need to target and focus on. One simple yet effective way of locating the pelvic muscle is by stopping your urine midstream. When you successfully held your urine in, you also successfully identified the muscles that you need to work on.

Perform the Kegel exercise by tightening your pelvic muscles as hard as you can. Hold it in for 5 seconds and then release it for another 5 seconds. Start slowly and keep repeating this routine following the minimum time required. Once you are comfortable with it, work your way up by tightening and holding for 10 seconds and releasing for another 10 seconds.

Keep in mind that you have to breathe normally throughout the routine. Build your routine up gradually by starting to do around 10 Kegels per day until you are used to doing up to 50 or even a hundred. Set a goal for yourself so that you will not forget to do your Kegel exercises daily. Just make sure that you are doing them properly and that you are zoning in on flexing and tightening just your pelvic muscle and not the other muscles surrounding it.

  1. Squats

Squatting is often taken for granted and is considered to be an unpopular move. Some even think that it does not have a lot of impact when it comes to the vaginal muscles. You may find it too simple, but, it is one of the best exercises that you can do to tighten your loose vagina as long you perform them properly.

In order to perform squats correctly, you need to stand with your feet shoulder-width. Hold a light bar and position in front, just above your shoulders. Then, pretend that you are going to sit on a chair with the use of your hips andwith your knees bent. Your thighs should be parallel with the floor.Squats Exercises

Slowly, get yourself back up in a standing position. Remember not to rush with your movements as squats should not be done quickly to avoid any injuries. In fact, you can get better results when you take control and perform slowly. You also need to keep your weight on your heels to reduce the risk of hurting yourself in the process.

Aside from being the most effective exercise for your vagina muscles, doing squats is also a great workout that will benefit your legs, bum, and core. Also, to achieve best results, it is recommended that you perform your squats regularly.

Normally,you should be able to see some differences in your vaginal muscles after religiously doing squats for 10 to 20 days. So, you need to be very patient in performing them because the results are not instant and the routine can be a little challenging, especially if you are not used to doing them.

  1. Leg Raises

Leg raises is another form of exercises that can help strengthen your vaginal muscles. They are a great exercise routine because doing leg raises can also offer the additional advantage of tightening your leg muscles as well as your bum.

To perform this exercise, you need to lie on your back. You can use a yoga mat so that you will be more comfortable and will not feel the coldness of the floor. Make sure that your knees are bent and your feet are flat on the ground.

Leg Raises ExercisesThen, raise your right bent knee off the ground. Lower it down when you feel that our lower back begins to flatten. Repeat the steps using your left bent knee. To achieve best results, you should do the leg raises three sets per day, with 10 repetitions for each set.

Kegel exercises, squats, and leg raises can definitely help in bringing back the tightness of your vaginal muscles, especially if you do them properly and on a regular basis. You can even make the process of vaginal tightening faster by using vaginal props, especially when you feel that the exercises seem to be not enough.

Vaginal props may be a little pricey, compared to exercises which are free, but you can be assured of their durability because these props are made of steel. They usually come in shapes such as balls, cones, and even barbells and they come in different weights and widths as well.

One of the most common vaginal props areKegel or Ben-Wa balls which are used to work out the muscles that are usually not given much focus. These tools are shaped like eggs or beads and are inserted in the vagina to be used. They provide more stimulation to normal exercises and are believed to make the routine more effective.

To use the balls, you need to insert them into your vagina. Then, you need to hold them inside by putting tension on your leg muscles. This will keep the ball inside you even when you start walking around. You can start by holding them only for 15 minutes and just gradually increase as you get more used to it.

Again, the key is to have a lot of patience and discipline to do the exercises and use the props properly in order to achieve the results that you want. They may not offer immediate solution, but you can certainly feel the fruits of your hard work in less than a month. When that happens, you can regain your self confidence and have more fun in bed with your partner.

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