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What are Kegel Balls & Ben Wa Balls? How Can These Help Tighten Your Vagina?

Have you ever felt insecure of your sexual performance because you feel that your vagina is a bit loose now? Well don’t worry because you’re not alone. Women around the world also feel that. Yet there are no reasons to lose hope because there are kegel balls or ben wa balls that can let you get started with kegel ball exercises and ben wa ball exercises to tighten the vagina. In this article, you will know more about the best kegel balls and how these can help you.

Ben Wa Balls, or also called as Kegel Balls, Ben Wah balls, Burmese balls, Venus balls, Geisha balls, are balls whose diameter can reach 2 or more inches. More commonly, they are made of metal, making them naturally weighted and simple to clean. Best kegel balls can also be found in various silicone coatings. These balls are also used for Kegel ball exercises and ben wa ball exercises.

vagina tightening balls

Through the course of history, ben wa balls have been used in a wide variety of forms. Historians believe that they were first made by Japanese women until they went to China; hence these balls are also called Chinese bells. Other countries that have used kegel balls are Vietnam, India, and Europe until it became widely-used worldwide.

Traditionally, balls are made of two hollow brass balls, wherein one didn’t contain anything and the other contained either smaller but heavy metal ball or mercury.

Today, they continue to be popular because they help women tighten their vaginal walls, and strengthen their pelvic floor for an improved and satisfying sexual performance. These balls can also improve one’s bladder control. Studies show that women who are aging, or have just given birth are having problems with bladder control. It seems trivial, which can be compared to sneezing or coughing, but it still gives any woman a headache. Thankfully, this condition can be improved once the vaginal and pelvic muscles were strengthened.

Before we discuss the comprehensive process on how kegel balls tighten the vagina, let us talk about first the many forms of these popular and useful balls.

Glass, Silicone,  Surgical Steel and Plastic Ben Wa Balls

Kegel balls that are made of glass are quite smooth. They are most often bigger than metal balls, but have lower weight though. It can also be considered as one of the best kegel balls because it is really easy to clean.

Silicone Kegel Balls are characterized by a silicone string or nylon attached to them. Because they are coated in silicone, they appear to be softer, and are effective for kegel ball exercises. The only drawback in using silicone balls is that they are difficult to clean.

Surgical steel balls are among the most popular ben wa balls because of its natural weight feature that make it really suited for kegel balls. They are also comfortable to use, and smooth to touch. Ranking them as the best balls for ben wa ball exercises is the fact that they are the simplest and most convenient to clean—all you need is a warm water and soap to do the cleaning.

Duotone balls are hollow kegel balls; most often made of plastic, but sometimes coated that have a smaller ball inside it. These balls are larger as compared to ben wa balls that are made of glass or metal. Through motion, duotone balls make the smaller ball come inside and producedelicate vibrations that are indeed arousing.

Which Kegel Balls to Choose?

All three types of kegel balls present advantages and a few disadvantages. It is important that you examine closely which advantages work for your kegel ball exercises. You also have to choose the right ben wa balls that fit your personal preferences. The best kegel balls can definitely make your ben wa ball exercises easier and more fun, so be smart in choosing the right balls for your exercise.

With or Without String Kegel Balls?

Some prefer to use ben wa balls with a string due to some apparent benefits. For one, balls with a string can increase stimulation. Another benefit is it is easy to remove; string found in the best kegel balls is also called retrieval cord.

Though kegel balls with a string seem to be best in kegel ball exercises, they also pose one disadvantage. Balls used in ben wa ball exercises are more complicated to clean as opposed to balls without strings.

Do women have to worry about using Kegel Balls?

kegel balls

It is found that balls cannot go to other parts of your body—so make that the least of your worries. Should you choose to use the conventional balls that don’t have string, you may experience difficulties in getting the balls out. Ways to get it out include bearing down, walking about, coughing, standing, adding more lubrication, and jumping up and down. The choice is yours which way to use—the bottom line is  choose the one that works well for you.

Well if you want to be on the safe side, why not go for kegel balls with a string. It will ease your stress that it won’t come out easily.  Nonetheless, there are numerous ways on how to use kegel balls that will be discussed later.

How to insert Kegel balls correctly?

The effectiveness of kegel balls depends on how you insert it. This is why if you want to see nice results, you should learn how to insert these balls properly. Here are step-by –step procedures on how to use kegel balls.

  • Insert the empty ball in the cervix, then insert the second ball with loads and wait until contact is achieved.
  • Make sure that the balls are placed correctly so there will be movements in the thighs or hips and loaded ball will move and create a pleasing vibration.
  • As soon as the balls are already inserted, rock gently in a swing or rocking chair.

Tips in inserting Kegel Balls

Inserting kegel balls may seem easy, but the truth is you have to consider a lot of factors to do it correctly. One factor that you have to bear in mind is the type of ball you will use. Although the process remains the same for all types of balls, there are tips that you will find helpful.

  • Lubricate so the balls can glide in smoothly.
  • Make sure that you are in a nice, relaxing position. You can lie down and insert the ballsinto the vagina.
  • Hold the balls within the vagina by making your leg muscles tensed and performing some kegel exercises.
  • As soon as the balls are already inside the vagina, you can choose whether you’ll sit or do other movements.
  • Women who have done it before do not need to lie down while inserting it. They can even move around the house while doing it.
  • For beginners, you may want to use silicone or plastic kegel balls because it is easier to use as opposed to glass or metal balls.
  • When you use a form of lubrication, balls will come in easier but will come out easily too.  So the tip is to make sure that you don’t put too much lube.
  • It is important to wash them with warm water and soap before and after using it to make sure that they are clean.
  • If you use balls with string, detach the string so you can wash it properly.
  • Don’t worry too much if you find it a bit difficult to remove the kegel balls. There are no recorded cases wherein these balls didn’t get out of the vagina. What you need to do is to add more lubrication, squat, or move enormously.

Set Expectations

Using vaginal ball to improve sexual pleasure is a big decision that you need to make. It is crucial that you are sure that you want to try it because there are consequences that go with it.  You must set realistic expectations so you won’t be disappointed when your expectations are not met. You can talk to other women who have tried it so you will have idea what to expect and what to not expect. Take into account also important considerations that may affect your expectations. Be realistic and open-minded in dealing with all the considerations. Finally, give yourself some time to decide if you really want to use kegel balls to tighten your vagina because it is again, a big decision that needs careful thinking and planning.

Why use Kegel Balls?

It is very rare that you think about tightening the vagina. But there are times when your partner will be the one who will tell you about it, and you will feel ashamed of yourself, or will even feel lost—thinking that you are not giving the sexual pleasure that he wants.

It will then lead you to discovering options on how to tighten the vagina. Surely, you have already heard about the wonders of vagina tightening balls.

What is vaginal tightening?

Vaginal tightening is an unfamiliar word that you rarely encounter. So what it really is? Based on scientific knowledge, it refers to the power and fitness of the puboococcygeus (PC) muscle.

vaginal tighteningTwo of the few things which can affect the performance of the PC muscle are childbirth and the aging process. But the good thing is that the PC muscle, just like our arms can be strengthened anew by performing some exercises.

Kegels refer to the withering and release of the PC muscle which also helps in strengthening it. Yet most often, we want faster results so we consider performing kegel exercises.

In order to perform this workout, you need vag tightening balls to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, and of course the vagina. When you keep your PC muscle in tip top shape, the vagina will become tighter and rejuvenated and will increase sexual satisfaction again—and on the side, decrease urinary incontinence. No matter what your age is, you can perform kegel ball exercises.

Kegel balls are becoming more popular nowadays. With the results that they have been providing women who use them, there’s no surprise that others would love to try them as well.

Kegel exercises using kegel balls are recommended by healthcare professionals around the world because of its effectiveness in tightening the vagina that provides greater sexual pleasure to couples. These workouts can also speed up vaginal recovery, avoid vaginal prolapse—and also a good treatment to prostate gland inflammations.

You may feel the same sensation when you are doing kegel exercises and when you are having sex with your partner. There are contractions that may lead to powerful orgasms. It also controls vaginal muscles, which contributes to a satisfying sexual experience. Kegel exercises can also help your partner to better control ejaculation and orgasms. This is why doctors also list it as one of the ways to address erectile dysfunction and other issues connected to problems inorgasming.

Why are kegel balls important in vaginal tightening?

Despite of the fact that kegel exercises can be done without any tool or equipment, it still works better if you use kegel balls. When you use them, you don’t need to focus, nor count seconds or sets because the balls start the stimulation right away. It is especially beneficial to those who have a hard time isolating their PC muscle.

It has been discussed earlier that it is safe to use, and though it seems challenging to use—it is actually comfortable that you can wear it all day long, even you’re at work.

Other Considerations

Speed is also an important factor when you use kegel balls; you need to choose a speed that you’re comfortable with. In case there is pain when you insert the balls to the vagina, but you don’t feel any pain when you do any kind of penetration, masturbate first so you can warm up—particularly when the ball you are using is huge.

You also need to take note of the difference between kegel balls and ben wa balls.  Kegel balls refer to bigger balls attached by a string, covered by silicone or sturdy plastic. Though both these balls are found effective in tightening the vagina, you must still note their differences in case you have some issues with the size of the balls.

Although you have been told many times that inserting balls in the vagina is generally safe, you still have to consider some factors, including the type of materials used in the balls. Avoid using non-porous, jelly and rubber materials for the balls for your kegel exercises.

vaginal tightening

If your balls have string, don’t go for braided cloth string because it can turn into a dirty bacteria trap. Go for silicone-made string instead to avoid such hassles. Weights and sizes also matter when it comes to your kegel balls. Manufacturers usually sell balls with various weights so you can choose to insert the lighter ones first before you insert the heavier balls.

Of course, the weightier the ball, the more effort that you need to exert in order to maintain it inside; it also means more workout for the vagina. Just like when you’re doing weights, you can increase the difficulty level in tightening the vagina. There are also interchangeable weights that allow you to mix and match them until you discover what works best for you.

For a shortened vagina, solo models are recommended because they only use one ball, making you feel more comfortable. There is also the jiggle factor that women also like in some kegel balls. Meanwhile, some women go for duo models. There is a myth that there are specific kegel balls that are solely used for post-childbirth bodies, but the fact is any kegel set can be inserted in any vagina, no matter what their childbirth status is.

Making movements like running, jumping, and riding any vehicle can provide the “jiggle factor” that turn kegel muscle to contract which can be comparable to having a quickie and not just a typical commute from work. You can do a lot of things while Kegel balls are inserted in the vagina. You can keep them inside by stimulating the clitoris or utilizing an anal exerciser while you masturbate.

You must not also limit Kegel exercises to pre-coital activities. You can insert the balls while you are having sex, and feel what sensation you will produce—it is actually a nice way to awaken your genital repertoire. As you tighten and pulsate the vagina to a nice erection, you may conclude that Kegel exercises really work.

Do ben wa balls really work?

Ben wa balls are like dumbbells for the vagina. It provides weight training for one’s female organ. So if you want to know if it really works in tightening the vagina, the answer is yes. It can be done through consistent use of these balls as they strengthen vaginal and pelvic muscles, helping you prevent vaginal prolapse. But it is not an exact conclusion.

Vaginal loosening is due to the decrease in estrogen levels in one’s body. As women age, the body slowly ceases in producing estrogen, which is the hormone that deals with the reproductive system. For example, it keeps your breasts bouncy, and your vagina tight and lubricated.

Vaginal loosening also occurs when a woman goes through surgery that requires removing her ovaries; estrogen levels decrease because the body doesn’t produce it anymore. So the answer to the question if kegel balls really tighten the vagina, it does—but with conditions.

Ben wa balls exercises help tremendously in tightening the vagina—but when they are only used consistently and correctly. Women, though need to eat healthy foods to increase their estrogen levels so vaginal tightening can last for a long period of time. So, it all boils down to having a healthy lifestyle so you can have healthy sex life.


After you have learned everything about kegel balls, considerations, advantages, disadvantages, procedures in inserting them and the exercises that go with them to tighten the vagina, the choice is now yours if you really want to use them.

All the facts have been presented—both good and bad. It is your body that is concerned with it so you must make the right choice. It has received positive reviews from women around the world, and many partners are expressing sexual satisfaction after using ben wa balls. If your goal is to make your partner happy, it is not wrong to try this method. Just always bear in mind all the considerations and tips to make sure that you will do it successfully because one wrong step can ruin the whole process. It won’t hurt if you ask a friend who has already used it to ensure that you will do it the first time round.

Sexual pleasure makes the union of two people stronger, so it is just imperative for women to take actions to make their relationships work. Vaginal tightening can also boost one’s self-esteem so no wonder many women try kegel exercises.

After all that was said, perform kegel exercises for the right reason. Make it as an inspiration so you can be more confident, and your partner happier. Many products and programs have been out in the market; make sure to choose the most noteworthy. Below is an example of a program that you can definitely consider. It is from a reliable manufacturer so you can be assured that it is indeed a good program. Take some time to read what it has to offer.

Vagina Tightening Program

If you are on the lookout for an effective vagina tightening program, you can choose V-Tight. It utilizes an all-natural vaginal tightening gel and exercise program that helps women regain elasticity that was lost during childbirth, aging or hormonal changes. It does not include drugs or surgeries so it is definitely safe to try. Its active ingredients are Manjakani Extract that has been used by women in Eastern Cultures to regain their vaginal tightness.

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