5 Signs that you have a Loose Vagina

As a woman, there are so many things to worry about. But what can really make a lady lose sleep is the thought that they have a stretched vagina. Not everyone will tell you this, but it is a common thing lots of women fret about.

Any sexually active female will want to make the most out of their romp sessions. As sex is one of the best ways to enjoy your body, not being able to enjoy the pleasures the activity comes with is severely disappointing. Having a flappy vagina can be blamed in all of this as if it’s not properly filled during penetration, both partners won’t get to enjoy the sensations that come with doing the deed.

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It should be noted, however, that there’s nothing wrong with you if you do have a wide vagina. There’s also nothing wrong with trying to remedy such a condition. It will be better, however, if you know everything about this condition if you want to address it. And for that, here’s a quick rundown of the most basic information about having a loose vagina and whether you have one.

Can Your Vagina Really Become Loose?

Addressing the issue of loose vaginas begs the question asked above. While lots of women worry about their lady parts slackening, some people ask whether it is really possible for these parts to become loose.

As you would know, the vagina is practically a muscle group. It’s composed of various muscles and nerve endings which make it the beautiful thing that it is. But being a muscle, it shouldn’t really come loose, right? It’s not like the skin that gets stretched and saggy when the body slows down its production of collagen. So it really shouldn’t become loose by this virtue.

The answer here is quite complicated so stay with us. Yes, the vagina is a muscle so technically it can’t get stretched out. However, these muscles can contract and relax just like any other muscle in your body. By contracting, it makes your vaginal canal tighter. This makes it more stimulating for during penetration as the contact can set off the nerve endings in both the vagina and penis. This makes sex feel good for most people.

By relaxing, it gets to loosen up. This makes it possible for it to accommodate various things inserted into it. It usually relaxes when stimulated or aroused, so you can expect the vagina to really become wide open if a woman is turned on. And the more turned on a lady gets, the more relaxed the vaginal muscles can be.

Being a muscle also gives the vagina its elasticity. Its reactions are completely triggered but it can also come back to its original shape and size. This is why some people don’t think that it can become loose.

But since the vagina is a muscle, it can also lose its ability to contract. This means that it can also lose its ability to tighten up. This is what most people refer to as loosening, although, it’s not technically loosening if you’ll really think about it.

It should also be noted that there are naturally large vaginas out there. As the human body is not created with the same measurements, you should also expect to find women with big vaginas. These ladies don’t necessarily have a loose vagina.

What Causes a Loose Vagina?

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Before you think that having a loose vagina is a flaw, stop right there. This condition is definitely not something that should make you think less of yourself. It’s actually very normal to happen to women, especially since it is caused by some of the most natural occurrences there is.

So, what actually causes a stretched out vagina? Childbirth is definitely at the top of this list. If you’ve gone through a vaginal birth, odds are, your lady bits will get a bit stretched out. Babies often have heads that are about 13 inches in diameter so pushing that out of your vagina can really take a toll on your genitals. In many cases, women even needed stitches as their openings are not big enough to accommodate such measurements. So, really, if you’ve given birth, you can pretty much expect the process to do a number on your vag.

Aging is another culprit for having a wide open vag. As mentioned above, vaginal muscles can lose its ability to contract. This will cause it to become “loose”. As your age can affect how well the body executes its functions, experts believe that it can also cause vaginal muscle atrophy and affect its ability to perform.

Myth: Too Much Sex Slackens Your Vaginal Muscles

One common misconception about loose lady parts is that they’re already worn out from having too much sex. This is a myth as far as experts are concerned. Again, the vagina is quite elastic, so it can definitely bounce back to its original shape after becoming aroused. What some men think is looseness is just the ladies’ ability to relax with a partner and enjoy the activity.

5 Signs that Will Tell You If You Have a Loose VaginaThe effects of a loose vagina

Worried that you have loose vagina lips? Here are some signs that should tell you whether you have to take measures in vaginal tightening or not:

Urinary Incontinence

This is a condition wherein you don’t have a full control of the muscles that help tell the body that you can already release your urine. If you have this condition, you’ll often find yourself peeing yourself when you do activities that can put some pressure on your gall bladder. This usually happens when you lift something heavy, laugh, or sneeze.

When your vagina is loose, you won’t have great control on your pelvic floor muscles. This muscle group is responsible for your pubic area, so if you have no control over it, unintentional release of urine can really take place. So if you often experience peeing yourself, it’s a good sign that you need to take some vaginal tightening measures.

Reduced Sexual Pleasure

As mentioned above, sexual pleasure can be taken from the close contact of the insides of the vagina and the penis (or even just about any other thing inserted into the vagina for sexual stimulation). If your vagina is loose and the inserted object is not big enough to fill the room inside, then you won’t be stimulated enough. This can definitely reduce your satisfaction.

However, it should be noted that sometimes, certain members just don’t have enough girth to fill up an aroused vaginal canal. So, this can still be a debated point.

Inability to Grip Things with Your Vaginal Muscles

Lots of women can contract their vaginal muscles on command so there shouldn’t be any questions about being able to clamp down on things. However, if you have inserted something substantial in your lady bits and you can’t grip it, it can also be a good sign that your muscles down there are slack. With the average vaginal canal opening measuring 2.1 to 3.5 cm, you should be able to easily grasp something substantial when inserted inside it.

Orgasm Difficulties

Female orgasms are very complex phenomena. They’re not always achieved through penetrative sex, so having a tight vagina doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll experience it. However, having a loose vagina can complicate things even more as it will lessen the stimulation you genitals get. So if you have been having problems climaxing when you do the deed, then your V might just be a bit loose.

Vaginal Insensitivity to Small Objects

Loaded with nerve endings and a roughly 3 cm opening, your vagina isn’t exactly the biggest hole in your body. This is why you should be able to feel small objects when inserted into it. If you can’t tell whether a tampon, toy, or maybe even a penis is inside you, then there’s a good chance that your vagina is stretched out.

How to Get Your Vagina Tighter

If you’ve found out that you do have a loose vagina, you might ask, “ how can I make my vagina tighter?” The prospect may seem scary and intimidating, but solutions to it are very straightforward. There are actually a few solutions that will help you deal with this concern.

First off, you can always opt for a surgery if you have the money for it. Vaginal restoration is a cosmetic procedure that surgeons offer so you can get rid of the floppiness of your lady parts. It’s expensive, though, and comes with risks like other surgeries.

Then there’s also the option to exercise your vaginal muscles. This one is highly recommended by doctors and sex experts because it works. Muscles are definitely toned and strengthened by exercising them, so subjecting your vaginal muscles to such an activity will really help get it in better shape.

Last, but not the least, is the use of vaginal tightening creams. These products are designed to improve the elasticity of your vaginal muscles. It promises to restore your lady bits’ vitality without you having to break a sweat, making it one of the most attractive options there is.

Products like the V-Tight Gel even offer instant results, so unlike when you exercise, you don’t have to wait long to feel the improvement. Of course, you can also combine this with some exercise to really pick up the pace and ensure a great outcome.

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